The Truth Signs to One FC

July 24, 2014

Brandon Vera is out of the UFC and has signed to ONE FC. How now, Ochopuss? 


There’s a reason “The Truth” is an MMA superstar and it’s not just because of his spectacular highs that included a KO of former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir but also because of his catastrophic downward spiral of losses from fellow big name striker Shogun Rua to a perennial second fiddle talent like Brazil’s Thiago Silva.

You see, the FIl-Am fighter may already have veteran status with a 12-7-1 record in his pro mixed martial arts (MMA) career, but he’s only won once since 2009; and that’s against Eliot Marshall at UFC 137. Who’s Marshall? Exactly.

After a series of losses in his last five fights, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) brass decided to finally let Vera go. By the afternoon of July 13, One Fighting Championship had announced the signing of “The Truth,” to their ranks with an expected bout later in 2014.

“At this point he is signed with ONE FC. More details to follow,” succinctly stated Loren Mack, One FC’s head of media relations.

One FC has yet to clarify what weight class Vera will be competing in, it’s only logical to add the man to the heavyweight division, especially since 230 pounders are in short supply in the biggest MMA promotion in Asia.

Vera trains under the Alliance MMA camp and has always represented the Philippines well what with his Baybayin (Alibata) tattoos as well as flying the country’s flag or brandishing Pinoy colors on his fight shorts or walkout clothing; which means that, with the singing to One FC, he may yet get a chance to fight on Philippine soil, in front of a crowd of brown faces.

Though his fall was a hard one to watch, he was once so highly touted that his sound bytes about aiming to win two UFC titles from heavyweight down to light heavyweight were thought by analysts as a thing not that ambitious – or at least not too far-fetched.

To back it up, he built an 8-7 record in the UFC with wins over the likes of elite fighters like Frank Mir and Krzysztof Soszynski, but a TKO loss over Ben Rothwell and only one win over the past six bouts cemented his losing streak in the UFC.

At 36 years old, Vera is way past his prime in MMA. But he does still hold star power and an appearance in One FC will surely prove he’s a draw for the MMA crowd.

Sometimes he doesn’t show up, sometimes he’s as aggressive as any red-blooded Pinoy out for a nice scrap. He’s that kind of fighter. But then again even if his losses are hard to watch, they ARE extremely entertaining (hello, bitch slaps) – and when he’s backed up against the cage a switch looks like it gets turned on and, as in the case in the Shogun Rua fight, he can give as good as he gets.

Here’s some of the most incredibly amazing finishes and agonizingly cringe-worthy fights in “The Truth’s” MMA career inside the octagon. I think both are reasons to get excited for Vera after finding a new home in the One FC cage.

If Pinoy fans get to watch him in Manila, then so much the better, hey?



Read the rest of it over at 8LIST.




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