“Fantoma” – New Fiction on 8LIST.ph. By Me

May 5, 2014



The only compass that is truly ever needed is a heart true to itself. It is a compass without equal and yet every pioneer needs an aid to navigate the terrain, even as you are made sure of your correct direction, I have found that the use of Fantoma has aided me not only in surmounting what obstacles God has put before me but in putting them into context; making me aware of destiny’s tapestry and the acquisition of knowledge heretofore incomprehensible if not for the keen insight and elevated consciousness the drug has provided. And such nimbleness of thought, too!



Street names include: Ghostie, Multo, or simply The F. Origins of the drug in both its powder and liquid form are a mystery. Manufacture has been placed at conflicting locations: some point to Colombia, others in Afghanistan, still some say there are cooks in the heights of the Mountain Province and the Cordilleras. Its color has been compared to pale corn and molten gold although it must be noted that mystics have reported, in the second hour of use, that the liquid variant kept inside a clear tube begins to swirl with a kaleidoscopic explosion ranging from viridian to a deep amber. Commonly drunk or sniffed directly, when burned before inhalation the intensity of the drug is diminished but the effects are prolonged, sometimes for up to five hours.

The literature on its medical pharmacology is sparse but in theosophical terms the drug opens the third eye or brow chakra and enhances the visual aspects of spiritual sight so that the user may then see the aura of people and, after prolonged use, objects. The world looks like a Kirlian photograph. People appear like walking eggshells of radiant light. It is glorious and dreadful, at first. This kind of sight is useful in revealing not only the emotions and intentions of a person, since anything that appears in the physical plane first manifests aurically.

As a corollary it also reveals the sicknesses and diseases of a person. This last has been of great help to me. It has enabled me to narrow down my hunting and choose those who are healthy in both mind and body, those free of cancer or any in that rank army that has made Manila a darker city than it ever should have been.



Read the rest of the story.


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