March 23, 2014

My second review on local music site Pinoytuner. Yehey!


Various Artists: Need for Speed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

By Karl R. De Mesa on Mar 21, 2014

Various Artists: Need for Speed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

(DreamWorks Pictures and Walt Disney/Varese Sarabande, 2014)

Rating: 7/10 

Some men might say there’s a school of thought that pegs racing movies as either heavily guitar-driven pablum or generously buttered with electronic tugsh-tugsh you can almost see the car speakers throbbing with the bass.

Nathan Furst is not one of those men. As the producer and composer of the N4S movie score, as well as curator for the OST, this guy goes way beyond the class requirement and delivers a thematic, old school musical model filled with the grit of the highway and a turbo blaze of glory. Symphonic and gorgeously orchestrated, this is a truly sumptuous score for a spectacle of a movie.

Furst’s past scoring resumé is full of the same passion, albeit he did it for less than stellar celluloid material. He was the man turning the knobs for the fair-to-average Bionicle trilogy (if your’e interested, that’s Bionicle: Mask of LightBionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui, and Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows), Dust to GloryAct of Valor, and Lake Placid 2, the last one a guilty pleasure of mine along with many CGI-driven giant-creature B-fare. The adaptation to EA Games’ most successful racing franchise is his first real step into the Hollywood A-list cloud.

For his ambition alone, Furst gets high marks as he tries to outdo his own previous B-movie efforts with his debut into the big screen’s film-score elite. This thing aspires to the level of Elfman and Morricone. The great thing about this is this movie, unlike many other video game-to-celluloid adaptations, is not a parody of itself. Neither is the excellent score.

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