February 13, 2014

Reviewed in the Manila Standard-Today: Diaspora Ad Astra, The Farthest Shore, and Demons of the New Year. We freakish editors thank you!

Starships, swords, and sorcery

By Jenny Ortuoste | Feb. 13, 2014 at 12:01am

The literature of the fantastic has always held a special appeal for the minds of the imaginative, who ride on the wings of words to other lands and other visions.

Many of us are familiar with the escapist Western forms made popular in books and movies. But speculative and horror fiction not only entertain, they engender thought, by presenting new, even radical ideas, embedded in familiar tropes, to stimulate and disturb.

For those hankering for something with a local flavor, the Stranger Fiction Series from the University of the Philippines Press offers three interesting short-story collections. . .


Demons of the New Year, a collection of 11 horror stories, was put together by Karl de Mesa and Nacino. The tales feature netherworld nasties: a demon channels its inner pop star into a showbiz career (Carljoe Javier’s “Demon Gaga”); a woman who is more than she seems aids a man in transgressing the boundaries of sex and violence (Yvette Tan’s “Grotesquerie”); zombie children, doomed to crave flesh, still exhibit fraternal love (Alfar’s “Brother and Sister”); and a demon slayer, demurely dressed in a schoolgirl’s uniform, hunts down a witch (de Mesa’s “Fist of the Magdalene,” a graphic short illustrated by Gani Simpliciano).

Read the rest of it HERE. 


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