June 3, 2013

Do check out the 1st week of June 2013’s edition of the “Phiippines Graphic.” REFTA is featured  in a  review. \m/



Karl R. De Mesa’s “Report from the Abyss”

By Joel Pablo Salud, Manila Critics Circle:

“No. You don’t understand. Karl R. De Mesa is not your archetypal author of stories. His fiction gives off a dark, ear-splitting cry; his non-fiction, a louder, murkier shrill. If the secret to compelling literature is surprise, de Mesa goes further, takes this little feline by the neck and pounds it for its blood…

“Karl R. De Mesa wrote, ‘Being mortal is a messy, bloody affair.’

“Being an author of dark stories demands more, past the blood and gore. Feel free to stun people’s senses and sensibilities anytime, as some fledgling writer puts it as a post-modern recreation.

“But de Mesa surprisingly refuses to employ shock-and-awe in his writing. His stories are simple. He tells each one, albeit, with the flow of an ominous river, bizarre and deep, all the while shimmering with the perfect grasp of the gothic. Few had reached this level of storytelling: Carlos Ruiz Zafón and I daresay, even Oscar Hijuelos. And it strikes me as rather strange that de Mesa hasn’t yet won an award for his documentary work.”

Read more in this Monday’s (June 3, 2013) issue of the Philippines Graphic!


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