May 23, 2013

Look ma, I’m on intarwebz TV!

The night of the Boston Marathon bombings, I went to Pinoytuner.com/DIG Radio’s offices to talk with hosts Joey Dizon and Bel Sayson about horror lit and movies, deep waters in real life occultism, the agony of being a softcore pornographer, the ecstasy of dorne metal, and the gonzo/non-gonzo of “Report from the Abyss.”

In between we played bootlegs off Biscochong Halimaw, Gonzo Army, and the OST of “News of the Shaman” by Lintech.

Thanks to messrs B and J and to the good people at DIG Radio. Here’s the wazak that ensued, immortalized on Youtube in four parts. Good times. 




Of course “News of the Shaman” and “Report from the Abyss” are available at major NBS and Fully-Booked outlets in the metro, as well as through order on Lazada.


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