January 22, 2013

After more than two years, the first episode of The Fist of the Magdalene series is finally complete. We be rollin’ deep now!

Originally made for the Demons of the New Year anthology (and it appeared there as a five page excerpt), the whole 20 plus pages of the first episode will now be available with the print run of DNY. Which am assured by Joey Nacino, is coming soon to a book store near you.  

Props to my co-creator Gani Simpliciano, who parlayed his painting skills into sequential art with such drive, and had to overcome so many things  — including a bone growing near his ear drum — to complete our tandem foray into this thick soup of demons and gore and the depths of suffering through desire.

Aside from paying homage to 80s horror movies, the occult, and Frazetta, FOTM is also our tiny tribute to our fave ex-adult film actress. Guess who?

Hopefully, now that we’ve gained some momentum, we’ll be knocking out future episodes quicker, and exploring Magda’s world of an alternate, demon-infested Manila, with more frequency.

Am not relishing the “mind full of scorpions” mental space but, hey, you do strange things for art’s sake.

Here’s some teasers from the debut episode “Search for the First Edition.”

FOTM TEASER_1 (640x501)

FOTM TEASER_2 (640x501)


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