October 21, 2012

My coverage of the Dutdutan XII Tattoo Expo is now up on `Twas two days of blood and buzzing. 


Blood and ink at Dutdutan XII

Posted on 10/18/2012 5:46 PM  | Updated 10/19/2012 1:10 AM

MANILA, Philippines – The scent of blood in the air was real.

There was a high end of 5,000 people packed inside the World Trade Center at Pasay City and most of them were pierced, inked or marked in some way — adherents all, of the huge umbrella known as the body modification movement.

Every year, Tribal Gear Philippines and its host of partners (this year, it was Colt45 and the tattoo organizations PhilTAG and Skinworkz) put up an Expo of tats, music, bikini-clad babes and mixed martail arts (MMA) fights called Dutdutan.

A tall, model-racked blonde in a corset shared this space with shirtless men wearing fully-inked sleeves and torsos. A bald woman with half her face and head covered in a Japanese motif drank beer with her friend, a rake thin dude with piercings through his ears, brows and nipples.

12 years ago, Dutdutan’s only aim was to legitimize tattooing and its practitioners as artists; now it has become the biggest and grandest annual tattoo exposition of the country. Held last September 28 and 29, it was a two-day Lollapalooza of inter-collegial peer review that fostered camaraderie and friendly competition.

“When we started this, we really aimed for it to grow,” explained Ricky Sta. Ana of Skinworkz Tattoos, one of the founders of Dutdutan and the chief mover behind the formation of the Philippine Tattoo Artists Guild (PhilTAG). “We knew it was going to get bigger and that the world would appreciate and support it, because this art is never-ending.

“We’ve only just begun.”

Just with the diversity of things on display, the Expo had obviously grown by leaps and bounds. There were vintage cars on one corner; Russian pole dancers wowed with their dexterity and limberness; The Go Girls walked into cages and performed booty shaking numbers.

On day two, Tribal Bikini Girls Linda Jean, Berna Kano and other hotties strutted their stuff to a contest co-sponsored by FHM Magazine. Later, percussionists took the spotlight as they engaged in the “Bang Up!” drum duel.

Read the rest of the story HERE.


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