August 8, 2012

After more than 24 hours, I’ve finally got power.

Some of my friends are still dealing with water in their houses and evacuation of their stuff so I hope everyone’s putting safety first, like the head Pumpkin did by delaying their show to today. Good thing, since my fiancee was already hyperventilating from all the suspense.

Funny how Billy and the Pumpkins’ twitter provided more up to date info than the local organizer’s  social networking did (seriously guys, with piss poor crisis reaction time, fire your crappy PR). Not to mention the media peeps who fanned the flames of worry by falsely and erroneously reporting that yesterday’s concert was pushing through; c’mon guys, we all know you wouldn’t step into the wet hell that was yesterday so why should the rest of the concert-going public?

Around 11AM yesterday (Aug7), Billy tweeted that they were “exploring options” on delaying the concert and then before 4PM we got this:  “I’m happy to report thanks to our great crew and with the helpful assistance of Manila promoter we have rescheduled our show for tomorrow. The safety of our fans is ALWAYS a huge priority. With 24 long hours delay our 1st Manila show will be at same arena, same time tomorrow!!”

 I could just hug the man, even though, like a friend and I were discussing, we would’ve swum to Araneta if it came down to it. But thank God for the interwebz ey?

In any case the rains have lightened and I hope this continues up to tonight. Meantime, here’s what I got from the press conference to keep you occupied while you’re biting your nails in anticipation.

Mucho props, by the way, to the Lifestyle  eds over at GMA News Online for staying strong and doing hardcore work by actually being at the office to get us informed, not only about Billy’s tweets but especially about the floods and the condition of our city. To quote Will McAvoy: “[You] are the media elite.”

I just had to put a pic of D’Arcy in here. Her 90s ice queen self was the stuff of many an alternite boys’ dreams, as were mine.

The Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan on his spiritual journey through music

BY KARL R. DE MESA August 7, 2012 9:25am

Original Pumpkins, circa mid-90s

You can’t dumb your family down, you can’t dumb your community down, you can’t dumb your country down, you can’t dumb your bands down. . .I think that’s the worst thing for rock and roll. ~ Billy Corgan

(Updated 3:20 p.m., August 7) – It’s two days before the first ever concert of rock icon The Smashing Pumpkins, and it’s still raining buckets. When Billy Corgan steps into the function hall of EDSA Shangri-La Hotel for the press conference, we’re all unprepared for the sight of him.

He towers over everybody at 6’ 3” and he’s in one of those long-sleeved, striped shirts he likes to wear in non-performance settings, hiding the reddish brown birth mark that covers his left side, from his hand to most of his torso. He’s carrying a black hat, and a sweater is draped over his shoulders.

I’ve waited more than a decade to see William Patrick Corgan Jr., lead singer and guitar hero of the band that defined the way guitars are played by what the ’90s pundits dubbed the “alternative nation.” Next to Cobain, this man was the reason I picked up a guitar and wore flannel and declared that the world was a vampire.

To see him in the flesh is a moment of shocked unreality. From the looks of it, glancing around the room at the awed faces, the rest of the music press feels the same way.

The Smashing Pumpkins are in town for their latest record, “Oceania,” released earlier this year. (Read the review here.) The Manila leg of their tour will have them playing at the SMART Araneta Coliseum on Wednesday, August 8, presented by Little Asia.

New Pumpkins, 2012

The basic storyline [of Teargarden by Kaleidyscope] is: can I reclaim my innocence without losing my wisdom?  ~ Billy Corgan

Despite the absence of the rest of the current line-up that includes young drum prodigy Mike Byrne, Veruca Salt’s Nicole Fiorentino (bass guitar), and guitarist Jeff Schroeder (who also worked on their previous LP “Zeitgeist”), Corgan gamely answered questions we’d previously written down and read aloud by our host, The Dawn’s former guitarist Francis Reyes.

Read the rest of it HERE.


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