August 6, 2012

My piece on Megadeth, live in Manila. \m/

Typhoon Gener ain’t no match for Mustaine and Co and the thousands of metalheads.

Music review: Storm season and Megadeth

BY KARL R. DE MESA August 5, 2012 8:56pm
Storm season is upon us with one typhoon battering the city and Northern Luzon with another on the way. The weathermen know exactly what we’re in for given the information on their data screens; this big, intense typhoon is going to cause umbrellas to catastrophically turn themselves inside out.

The storm is here. But so is Megadeth.
July 29 at Hall D of the World Trade Center in Pasay City; where Megadeth is playing a gig as part of the Asian leg of their tour to support their newest studio album, 2011’s Th1rt3en.We come in just in time to hear the news that there’s no front act, and the band will take the stage directly. As the snaking black line of metalheads trudges into the WTC tent venue, the rains continue, unrelenting. But we’re determined to have fun. We’ve waited for this for more than 25 years. Typhoon Gener and the storm front that’s hot on its tail are no match against the spirit of thrash fandom!

Megadeth, for the uninitiated, is one of the biggest groups to come out of the 1980s thrash scene. They are part of thrash metal’s “big four” alongside Anthrax, Slayer, and long-time rival Metallica.
It was actually after Dave Mustaine left Metallica in 1983 (over disagreements with the rest of the band regarding his alleged alcohol and substance abuse) that he formed metal quartet Megadeth. The band’s faster tempo, darker, nihilistic lyrical themes and signature half-mocking, half-sneering vocal style quickly propelled them to fame and into many a metal fan’s heart.
That means us. After being frisked and herded in, we spot the beer concession booth and the wait is spent with a brew. The first thing you notice is that almost everyone is damp as the rain was inescapable. The black-clad crowd is quickly drying out, though, amid the sudden chill of the air-conditioned tent. Steam is rising off our backs and exposed heads.

By the time the band takes the stage, quite a few in the thousands-strong crowd are brew-happy, while the rest is buzzing on stronger stuff.
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And the review that came out on

Thrash it up: Megadeth ignites Manila


Posted on 08/09/2012 6:12 PM  | Updated 08/09/2012 7:19 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Dave Mustaine, frontman and guitarist of legendary thrash metal band Megadeth, did a strange thing for someone answering questions from a TV reporter.

We were at the press conference and he noticed one of the local media guys none too subtly getting his picture taken by his companion, right in front of the band’s table — for sheer bragging rights, from the looks of it.

The blatant way it was being done must have annoyed the notoriously outspoken singer, since he quickly grabbed the pencil in front of him and threw it against the guy’s back.

“I’m sorry, I was throwing a pencil at that guy!” he exclaimed and pointed, then urged the TV reporter to continue. Everybody laughed and the photo bandit duo were quickly ushered out by security.

Megadeth came to ignite Manila’s metal fans with their iconic brand of thrash music for a one-night-only concert. They had just come right off the plane and were ostensibly jet-lagged from their European dates.

They also still had a meet-and-greet plus a soundcheck to do; but in those few hours it was the music press that got them.

Boy, were we in awe to see them in the flesh.

Usually, artists drum up publicity by arriving a few days early; but Megadeth’s gig was the next day, so there was no chance of that. That presscon was purely a show of good manners and politesse.

Megadeth are touring in support of their newest studio album, 2011’sTh1rt3en, under Roadrunner Records. The great tracks on the newest album were a glad surprise to fans and critics, who thought that Mustaine’s recent conversion to born again Christianity would lessen the aggressiveness of the band’s songs.

“I was a Christian before and nobody made a big deal out of it,” shrugged Mustaine, who was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. “And the lyrics haven’t changed.”

“It was recorded pretty quick,” added bassist David Ellefson about their current LP.

“Around a few months or so. We were supposed to do a (similarly titled) track exclusively for the Never Dead videogame so we recorded that first and had to do the rest of the album in, like, 7 weeks.”

Read the rest of it HERE.


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