April 24, 2012

There’s a niche demographic that still hails the `80s duo of Pops Fernandez and Martin Nievera as a bulwark of Pinoy pop culture. And just like the people who have a fervent hope that they’ll one day get back together, they’re likely the same guys who want the Spice Girls and the NKOTB to re-explode on the charts.

To which I reflexively pull out the Seinfeld reply: not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Good news for said fans: Robin Nievera, eldest offspring of the OPM greats, has launched his own foray into music as an acoustic guitar-toting performer. Sadly, no ballads. But he does make good use of those entertainment royalty genes.

Check it out on INTERAKSYON’s entertainment section.

Robin Nievera, son of Pops and Martin, forges own path in music

24-Apr-12, 2:38 PM | Karl R. De Mesa,

MANILA, Philippines – Robin Nievera, the eldest son of OPM icons Martin and Pops, refuses to concern himself with the inevitable comparisons now that he is a recording artist himself.

The debut album he has just released under Polyeast Records shows that the 25-year-old singer-songwriter is forging his own path in music even as he notes that all the inspiration came from mom and dad.

“My parents are the ones who started all of this,” he says. “I have been watching them for 25 years. And I couldn’t help but be inspired by do what they do.”

Robin cares little for the inevitable comparisons that will meet his entry into the field where his parents’ legacies loom large.

“I wasn’t just their son, I was also a huge fan,” he declares. “I may not sound like them and may not be writing ballads but I did learn a lot from them.”

His album is called Overwait “because I’m 25,” he explains, “and I have been planning this album since I was 15.”

Read the rest of it HERE.


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