March 14, 2012

For those who rocked our world and gave us a taste of musical ecstasy, we salute you.

A hastily written (and speed requested assignment, too) fan letter to the vocalist of Advent Call, P.O.T., and Kapatid who passed away yesterday. Rock the heavens, sir.

Exit through white light: Karl Roy

By KARL R. DE MESA March 13, 2012 10:57pm
The way to ecstasy is paved with the perils of rock and roll.

In 1998 I saw P.O.T. at the Amoranto Stadium along with a roster of other rock acts in a concert that would, beset by delays and technical difficulties, last ’til the early morning. The vision of singer Karl Roy urging the mosh pit on with a mix of modern blues and funk is one of my earliest memories of how rock can lead men through the primal and into the light of elation. That music said: you don’t need brains to enjoy this, just hips.

This white light is a trick, a conjuration by the shaman as rock star to cajole the listener into forgetting. And as a piece de resistance, POT’s last song that night was “Puting Ilaw.” Later I would learn that it was from Advent Call, Roy’s previous band. All I knew was that the repetitive chant of “Saan ang langit, kaibigan?” assuaged my teenage angst with enough balm to weather the coming dark days.

And now they say the rock star, after years of failing health at the age of 43, is no longer among the quick. Karl Roy passed away early morning on Tuesday (March 13) from complications due to pneumonia. Previous to that, he had been diagnosed with an infected heart valve, requiring him to undergo surgery. A series of strokes thereafter would have been enough to give pause to any musician and think twice about retirement.

Read the rest of it HERE.

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