January 22, 2012

My review of the fourth Underworld movie is now up on the website. Nice action, bigger werewolves, Kate as eye candy. That’s about it.

Personally, I liked Rise of the Lycans better. Still, read on.

Humanity fights back in ‘Underworld: Awakening’

KARL R. DE MESA January 21, 2012 3:59pm

Ah, ze children ov ze night, what sweet music they make. Bad news: in Underworld Awakening, they’re all singing funeral orations.

In this reverse post-apocalypse scenario the vampires and the lycans have been discovered, the masquerade on their secret war peeled away. Humans have developed weapons to deal with the inter-species menace like the UV gun and silver nitrate bomb. Suddenly, the hunters have the tables turned on them.

Much plot potential there, but sadly UW:Awakening fails to capitalize on the goldmine.

The svelte and awesomely comely Kate Beckinsale dons her leather and boots ensemble anew for the role of the vampire Death Dealer Selene. And, really, if you ask any fan of the franchise, Beckinsale (who’s the better half of UW creator Len Wiseman) in skintight latex is two thirds of the reason why they watch this White Wolf Games rip-off. The remainder is likely for the HK wirework action, because the writing hasn’t exactly been stellar on this series.

Beckinsale admits that she was reluctant to play Selene for a third time, “But it was a life-changing role for me, so I feel very affectionate towards it. It’s exciting to be able to follow a character over such a long period of time. It’s rare to get that chance.”

15 years have passed in the UW timeline when Selene and Michael Corvin (her blue-skinned human-Lycan hybrid lover) granted unto the vamp elder Marcus eternal rest. We’re treated to a montage of that history with Selene’s voice over.

Humanity’s all-out war has all but eradicated both species and, as a direct corollary, Selene (being a legendary vamp) has been captured by a powerful biotech corporation called Antigen. She’s been experimented on and dissected in search for a “cure” to the plague. Meanwhile, the remaining lycans have become diluted in blood. The few survivors are weak, stunted, and a mange-infected shadow of their ancestors.

Read the rest of the article HERE.


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