January 19, 2012

I am all for freedom. I may not agree with what you think, say or stand for but I will always respect your right to express it.

The internet is a powerful platform for free speech, information, commerce and opinions. It is a free country of the mind. It is a rich mental frontier. It is an abstract idea trading post. And now the US government wants to police it, own it, call it George and make it mighty white with SOPA and PIPA. How fucking typical.

You do not own the Internet. Nobody owns the Internet. Let’s see how these Congressmen deal with the blackout and the backlash that will last for the next month.

Wikipedia’s blackout is just the start. Let’s see you act like know-it-alls now, suits.

Guess what?

These politicians are so stupid that they forgot how easy it is to commit an act of “piracy” online. Exhibit A: Congressman Lamar Smith, a pirate under the terms of the bill he authored. Kindly cart him fof to jail now.


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