December 4, 2011

Through the wonders of viral we found our new idols Baathis.

They’re a  Filipino black metal group who, in this track, tell the travails of being a brown-skinned black metaller in a third world tropical country with humidity up the sweaty wazoo.

98% of their lyrics is in Filipino so foreign readers might not be able to get the full gist and humor of the very frank and tongue in cheek lines sung in a spot on imitation of the first wave style that’s eerie in its accuracy.

I’ll attempt a full translation of the song later but here are the major parts to dig.

Kahit walang winter sa pinas, malamig pa rin sa puso ko

TRANS: Even if we have no winter my heart remains cold

Sinubukan kong sunugin ang simbahan sa may kanto
Tulad ni Grishnackh na sa Youtube napanood ko
Ngunit ang simbahan ay yari sa semento
Sabay umulan at namatay lang ang posporo

TRANS: I tried to burn the church on the corner /Like Grishnackh, on Youtube i watched him over and over / But the church was made of cement /And when it rained the match got too wet

The spiky armband of meaty fun is in the chorus though: Ang black metal ay di biro / Di dapat ito gawin ng kung sino sino / Kailangan ng dedikasyon / Kailangan magpursigido

TRANS: Black metal is no joke / It’s not for everybody, you know / You need dedication / You need willpower

See, that doesn’t even rhyme! And just like that, the humor’s lost in translation. Still, two horns up for Baathis for telling it like it is! \m/ \m/


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