December 1, 2011

Went to the post office to day to pick up what was scribbled down simply as “parcel.”

Wondering if my tank turret had actually pushed through customs and dreading the inevitable magic mathematics of the tax officers I was  happily surprised to find out that Jeff Stoddard, front man of Taiwan PRC-based, industrial provocateurs ROUGHHAUSEN had sent me their EP.

And it’s a limited edition, too!

My polar bear was grinding and pumping his fist up in the air in no time at all, in sync to my more mammalian style headbanging. These five songs are hewn from the grit of life, with dark beats fluttering in the air like crow wings and a sense of songcraft that’s gentle as a jackhammer. All in all a monolithic, paean to the heavy possibilities of the machine and the complexities of nu skool electro-aggro.

Getting defenestrated was never this exquisite.

Thanks Jeff and the rest of Roughhausen! And congrats on the tour of the US with Android Lust and I, Parasite. Two horns up for ya!

if you like industrial, EBM, aggro-tech and  noize be sure to check out ROUGHHAUSEN at their official site.


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