November 18, 2011

My interview with the lovely Italian actor MARTA GASTINI is now up on the website. Watch out for Dario Argento’s Dracula3D early next year.

Meanwhile, check out Count Drac’s girl as we talk about all thing Carpathian and demonic.

Q and A with Marta Gastini of Dracula3D


Marta Gastini has a pout that even a Carpathian revenant would find irresistible.

When she speaks, her Allesandrian accent slips through in very rounded vowels especially in the A’s and the U’s when her mouth forms an almost perfect circle where a slight inflection, say, in the middle of a three-syllable word, makes an iambic.

Gastini is one of the few young, Italian actors to have made it to Hollywood. She starred alongside Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins as the possessed and very pregnant Rosaria in The Rite (2010). At this year’s Italian MOVIEMOV film festival in Manila, where a 20-minute show reel preview of Dracula3D was shown, she plays the beleaguered Mina Harker (nee Murray), the English gentlewoman who discovers she is the newly incarnated, former bride of a vampire.

Also starring Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), Thomas Kretschmann (Blade2, Valkyrie) and Asia Argento (Triple X, Land of the Dead), Dracula 3D is set to be released in 2012 as the latest film by Dario Argento, a filmmaker hailed worldwide as a master of the macabre for works like Suspiria and Profondo Rosso.

From where I’m sitting, Marta Gastini is a stunner. Her hesitant English is like the arching heel of a beautiful woman reaching for something above her head. When she says “Satan,” pronouncing it with a long and melodic first “A” like in apple, it’s as if she’s enunciating some nascent mystery about to be disclosed.

We sat down with her to talk about horror films, playing an iconic role, and the Italian filmfest that ran from Nov. 9 to 13 at the Greenbelt Cinemas.

GMA News Online: How was it working with the father-and-daughter tandem of the Argentos on Dracula3D?
It was amazing working with the master of horror and his daughter [Asia]. Absolutely amazing! Dario Argento is really a genius and he was really taking care of the actors. With me, he was really like a father.

Wasak, ey? Read the rest of the interview HERE.


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