October 19, 2011

Thanks to EIC Aldus Santos for taking the time out to talk about the NOTS and DP-TOGP soundtrack for the iPad versions of the ebooks.

Did I tell you they’re an awesome Hallowe’en buy or gift? Shameless plugging, that’s me.

Excerpts follow. Read the whole thing HERE.

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Thursday, October 13th, 2011


Photo by Joser Dumbrique


First, congrats on the e-books, Karl. A logical progression for serious long-form writers such as yourself. I’m very happy for you.

KARL DE MESA:  Thanks! A lot of work went into them. It’s really different from print, capability-wise, especially the iPad/tablet version[s], with their capability to embed music and video. But the Kindle form is great, too, as it comes closest to being “in print.”

Yes, true. Did you immediately think, “Oh, I want a soundtrack to go with these books.” I mean being a music fan and musician yourself.

KARL:  Yes, I was looking for media to accompany the tablet version, and at the same time I was very interested to see how the stories would “translate” into ambient music that would enhance the “new” reading experience. I mean “new” because, while the act of reading has been evolving with Microsoft Word, PDF, etc. (the whole on-screen thing), we haven’t really had people interfacing with a screen as a tactile thing until tablets came along. And being a music fan and relatively new musician (more noisician, I guess), it was very exciting of course.

With that in mind, tell us about your choice of musicians to help you out with the project. They appear natural choices to me, as someone familiar with your literary work, with your penchant for, at the very least, the strange.

KARL: It’s funny because The Late Isabel’s band leader, Lintech (the guy who made the whole News of the Shaman soundtrack), and I were all in the same office in 1999, and we all basically bonded through music. I mean, both of them could play and were already in bands and I was just a music fan back then. How does that Saul Williams track go—“All my conversations with men seem to revolve around music”? I also asked Nono Acosta a.k.a. Names Are For Tombstones, a friend I met hanging around the goth/industrial gigs, to contribute a track for the e-book, and he gave me “Heartbeats.” An early work of his, I think, that’s never been released. Again it also fit into the story it accompanies.

Read the rest of it HERE.

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