September 11, 2011

My piece on the gorgeous, tough and multi-talented French-Pinay is now out in the current issue of Health Today.

Had the privilege of sitting down with Solenn previously for the cover of Monday Magazine and now she was, if it could be believed, even more animated.

What’s weird about that? Well, if you’ve just had an operation a couple of days previous to take a shrapnel of glass from off your foot and you’re hopping around in a crutch you’re usually not in the mood for anything. But this girl was enjoying the whole thing.

Ah, Solenn, two times is a charm — and I can’t thank you enough for the very droll happy birthday dance! Excerpts are below.


This singer, actress, artist, designer, and self-confessed “cowboy” is all set to conquer the airwaves after an operation.

By Karl R. De Mesa

Solenn Heussaff is one tough girl.

Even with TV tapings, magazine photo shoots and a self-titled solo album released under MCA Universal Philippine, she finds the time to do Bikram yoga, Planaforma, and the cross-training regimen called Plyometrics. She describes Plyometrics as three hours of intense, but fun, sets of exercises that make the hours fly by. Solenn used to alternate between Plana Forma and Bikram five times a week, but has since scaled it down to three times a week.

In three week’s time, with her doctor’s blessing, she’ll be able to resume doing Bikram, a 90-minute yoga routine consisting of 26 poses done inside a heated room (a very toasty 40 degrees Celsius). It helps the body achieve a better degree of strength and flexibility, tones core muscles, flushes toxins out through intense sweating, and develops the kind of mental toughness you get from pushing yourself to do better each time you step into that hot zone. While some poses can’t be done standing on her left foot, this restless girl is raring to be active again.

Right now she’s recovering from an injury, her left foot wrapped in bandages. Because of her operation last week she limps across the studio floor and needs to use a crutch to get around. She changes wardrobe awkwardly, hopping on her good foot and through the handful of hours never utters a word of complaint.

Half-Pinay, half-French, all trooper. Hardcore comes to mind, as well.

To read the rest of the article grab a copy of Health Today magazine at any major bookstore.


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