September 11, 2011

If I haven’t said it enough, thanks to everyone who came to Visprint‘s 1st Annual Readers Day at the SMX Convention Center and bought books, listened to the author/artist talks, admired the artworks, asked us questions and even sang along to the awesome Bob Ong videoke presentation.

You guys were awesome and, for me at least, that was the biggest audience I’ve ever had the chance to speak in front of. Like i said to my fellow authors, when I stand in front of a crowd like that the place is usually dark, brimming with alcohol and I usually have a guitar strapped on me — no such security blanket for me yesterday though, just me and a podium mic and several powerpoint slides.

I have a new found respect for preachers, tele-evengelists and motivational speakers now, for sure. Am still on a high from all the jolly mayhem.

Thanks to ALDELM FERRIOLS and GANI SIMPLICIANO for displaying the collabs we did.

me is talk on fear and creativity, wish me had cookies

that is. . .a helluva lot of people!

aldelm's two ebook covers were praised by fans all day

More fotos can be found HERE and HERE. We’ll see you at the next Readers Day, peeps!


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