July 2, 2011

My friend Aldelm Ferriols (one of Manila’s black metal pioneers) sent me the LPs of his latest electronic, tech-core project LINTECH.

“Lintech” is coined from the Tagalog slang word “Lintek.” It is a paradoxical ironic word that can either be positive or negative depending on its use. In the positive it can either mean “awesome” or “great”, in the negative it can be a curse word to show anger, grief or hate. 

Chaos Math Cover Art

If you like minimalist, moody, jagged but still aggressive industrial music then let your ears take on Chaos Math (for FREE!) and, if you’ve got the cash to spill on-line, do yourself a favor and buy World Error.

World Error Cover Art

Enjoy the noise \m/!

Sample a song — VIOLENT WAYS by LINTECH

Oh, and Aldelm also designs his own albums and websites. Yeah he’s a purty kick ass graphics guy.


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