July 2, 2011

My friend Carljoe Javier, geek culture commentator, author and th guy who did the introduction for News of the Shaman has just sent me a great gift: the Kindle ebook version of  his latest book GEEK TRAGEDIES under Flipside Digital.

A collection of his short stories published throughout the noughties, it includes such modern nerdirrific fiction hits as The Day the Sex Bomb Dancers Came and Dino’s Awesome Adventure.

Geek Tragedies is Carljoe Javier’s first collection of short stories. It features realist fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. In it you’ll find zombies, alien-hands, comic book geeks, convention-attending promo girls, an iPod time machine, and a generation starship filled with people hypnotized by and dancing to “Laban o Bawi.”

It’s also already available (with a different cover, I believe) in ye olde analog print version at all major bookstores under UP Press.

Or just mosey on over to the Amazon product page and buy it right away!

Geek on, dudes.


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