May 24, 2011

Indie rockers who grew up with hardcore punk, 80s indie rock and the beginnings of grunge will be familiar with Azerrad’s  book Our Band Could Be Your Life.

How about a retrospective circa 2011 featuring the new guard paying homage to their heroes? The NPR’s live in concert series gave them a venue and they brought the mosh pits.

Covering something as amorphous, complex and powerful as Sonic Youth’s “Burning Spear” is arguably ambitious and overachieving but in this context it’s simple honest and, well, maybe still daunting.

Black Flag, Husker Du, Mud Honey, Fugazi, Dinosaur Jr and  even Big Black are all covered here so there’s plenty to please even the obscurantist punk/hardcore/fuzz rock snobs.  Nirvana is almost obligatory and they decked out the set list with a very heavy “Negative Creep” to round the night out.

Azerrad crowd surfing. Whoa. Whenever a band finished their set even they took their turn in the pit.

Our Concert Could Be Your Life

Indie’s New Guard Pays Tribute To ’80s Icons

In the decade since its publication, Michael Azerrad’s book Our Band Could Be Your Life has taken on a sort of biblical quality among fans of independent music. So it’s no surprise that this concert — 14 current bands performing the songs of 13 icons of indie rock at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan — occasionally felt like church. The lesson of the book — if nobody else is doing it, do it yourself — was repeated many times, and more than one musician credited Azerrad with clarifying the lessons of the earlier age at a moment when they seemed lost.

Read the whole post HERE.
Read the impact of Azerrad’s book and the bands featured therein on the new indie brethren HERE.

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