May 20, 2011

The grad speech of journo seer ROBERT KRULWICH given at Berkeley Journalism School’s Class of 2011. Reblogged from Discover Magazine.As inspiring as they come, especially for those of us who, like Charles Kuralt in his long anecdote, bought the old journo tenets and unbreakable codex of  “we protect our own” even in the face of financial and corporate tumult. I’ve had my share of those and their lessons were indeed bitter and acid.

It’s so punk and gonzo and sharp it makes your head buzz with its rousing call to arms. I know this gave me hope. And the push to work harder. Read the whole post HERE.

On beginning with the love for stories he says:

“. . .The impulse, to explain, to write, to tell, began here… [tapping heart] On my insides.

Journalism doesn’t have to be your first love… or your only love.

You can come to it in desperation, because you can’t think of anything better to do with your life, that it’s this or the abyss.

But once you get going… it helps if you love it. There are different things to love. Some of you, no doubt, have learned to love the spotlight, you want to be the narrator… the on-camera, the presenter, the voice, the big byline.

Others of you may choose producing, designing, managing, staying out of sight, shaping the product.

Some of you like speed. Find something, get it right, get it on, go home. Some of you like it slower:  go somewhere, hang out, mull it over, write a draft… take your time…

What you love can differ, but the love, once it comes, that feeling of waking up with a kind of eagerness, a crazy momentum that pushes you into your day, an excitement you realize you don’t ever want to go way… that’s important.”

And on the new world order arising from enabling/empowering technologies, he states:

“The people in charge, of course, don’t want to change. They like the music they’ve got.  To the newcomers, they say, “Wait your turn”.

But in a world like this… rampant with new technologies, and new ways to do things, the newcomers… that means you… you here today, you have to trust your music… It’s how you talk to people your age, your generation. This is how we change.

After all, when it began in the 1930’s, Time, the weekly news magazine, was a radical idea created by young Henry Luce and his college friends. The New Yorker got its beats from young James Thurber and his buddy E.B. White, and their boss Harold Ross, I was at Rolling Stone when Jann Wenner put together his amazing gang of writers, designers, critics, photographers. Then Ira Glass did it again with Gen Xers. Each of these groups have a shared feel; they are expressing something that belongs to their age, their time.

So for this age, for your time, I want you to just think about this: Think about NOT waiting your turn.”

Fuck the Man. I will NOT wait my turn.


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