May 13, 2011

Rock journalists are treated mostly as purveyors of cheap copy and even cheaper fluff reviews today. So, wouldn’t it be the height of rebellion for any aspiring music critic (tour debauchery ala Almost Famous not included) to actually have depth, clarity, risk and style in his writing?

Veteran music journo (and author of Repeat While Fading), EIC, band leader for Purplechickens and The Aldus Santos Quartet,  and all around cool guy ALDUS SANTOS gives you several choices of whetstone to sharpen your noob mind against.

Neil Strauss’s Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead should be enough to get you wet and blooded early on. Then you can move on to the greats like Greil Marcus, Lester Bangs, etc and actually be able to line quote those name check boasts of yours for proof.



I can pretend reading doesn’t matter much in this humble trade of ours (music writing, in case you’re wondering). Or convince myself all these ideas are oh-so-original: that they come from some nameless, faceless gofer from heaven; that the ghosts of Lester Bangs, et al. pay me regular visits; that I get cues from a HAL-type figure on my puny netbook. But I’d be full of stinking horse manure. Yes, I read, and I read a lot, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’m lucky, though, because I naturally gravitate towards music lit, and my in-transit reading incidentally becomes research. However, when you’ve been doing this for as long as I have (or longer), you outgrow certain things: biographies, encyclopedic compendia, gossipy fare. . .

What could be cooler than getting an education while getting entertained about your fave musical movements? It’s like sex and oreos at the same time!

If you’re serious about this music journo thing I highly suggest you read them all, bub. Read the rest of the awesomeness HERE.


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