April 28, 2011

My article on the Metropolitan Manila Dev’t Authority’s (MMDA) endeavors towards harnessing the power of Web 2.0 (and the young man behind it) to alleviate urban traffic hell is finally up!

Thanks to MMDA Twitter team head Atty Yves Gonzalez for showing us the lay of the digital land.

foto by danny pata of GMANEWS.TV

Below is an excerpt:

MMDA, tweeting to the people


The next time you want to avoid traffic, fire a tweet to the MMDA.

At the corner of EDSA and Orense St in Makati City, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA’s) central hub of monitoring and information is a determined bustle of humanity. It looks and sounds like a broadcast newsroom.

There are several LCD screens stacked on a wall relaying real-time CCTV footage from across the long stretch of EDSA and all major streets. The MMDA Twitter Team occupies two desks opposite these screens, sending advisories and responding to queries 24/7.

Rush hour at headquarters

It’s just after lunch and the team are in their zone unperturbed and generally chilled, despite the chaos of the Metro Base Headquarters. In a few hours they’ll be gearing up for the local version of hell that every densely populated urban center in the world is heir to: rush hour.

Using a social media platform to alleviate Metro Manila traffic? Must be like fighting Godzilla with a pocketknife. Right? Not to the 52, 000-plus followers of the MMDA’s Twitter account.

*   *   *
Read the rest of the article 9and feel free to share with the rest of Manila commuters and drivers) HERE.


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