April 11, 2011

Not without my AK! At least I look like him now.

you gotta terrorize them back


As an update on the whole Krip Yuson plagiarism issue here’s a pretty incisive and almost brutal articulation of the situation. Yeah, it’s actuallya hard thing to explain why we’re not ganging up on sir Krip considering he violated one of the most sacred (if not THE most) laws of writing and journalism. I can’t really fully express it now but it has to do, partially for me at least, with the desire and respect to not kick the guy (one of my mentors) when he’s so obviously down. I mean, we all know there’s a special place in hell for plagiarizers (and those who get flagrantly caught) and Krip’s already headed there without question.

He may have been making excuses but that “apology ” statement  could not have been easy to write. Not. One. Bit. We, his colleagues and students and drinking buddies, would rather not add to his woes.

Anyway, you can read it HERE.

*   *   *

An important UPDATE to the plagiarism and Krip Yuson issue is HERE. I don’t know why sir Krip is digging his grave even deeper harping on like this but this clearly takes away all my sympathy for him.

“Disappointment” is the overwhelming  sentiment for me right now. For this guy who taught me a couple of deft lit tricks with Great Philippine Jungle Energy Cafe and with just hanging out. For this guy whose style I tore a page out of for the surreal attack I cultivated early on in my writing voice.

It’s a bit like having to accept that Billy Corgan is a megalomaniac or that Layne Staley was a total addict. Like that. Only much closer to home and more hurtful and more despairing .

Props to Jaemark Tordecilla for having the guts and vision  to go on the offensive like this. We’re gonna need a separate room just for your balls, ser. You were right. Thanks for keeping it hardcore.

*   *   *

Yet another update to this story. This time from the GMA.TV community desk itself.

The post reads:

Yuson contract not renewed

GMA Network management has decided not to renew Mr. Alfred “Krip” Yuson’s contract as Editor-at-Large for GMA News Online. The decision came after a thorough investigation into an allegation of plagiarism against Mr. Yuson. The investigation was carried out by an ethics committee composed of ranking officers of the Network. The decision not to renew the services of Mr. Yuson is consistent with the policy of GMA that personnel do not plagiarize or copy other people’s work. Mr. Yuson’s contract expired in mid-April.

You can read the original HERE.

*   *   *

The latest update on this is titled “An Open Letter to the Philippine Writing Community” and calls out not only Rogue Magazine and Phil Star editors to more or less punish Yuson but also to all local journos, writers, academics and scribblers of any stripe or form to follow suit, saying “we profess ourselves disturbed and outraged by the deafening silence with which the writing establishment has met this controversy.”

There follows a list of people who’ve signed to support the proposition like any petition letter. That’s the shit hitting the fan AND the corresponding nuclear fallout. In any case you should read the whole letter thingy HERE.


2 Responses to “AK IS THE TOOL”

  1. Hello Karl,

    Thank you for reading our statement. As it issued forth from the ideas of our group, we saw no need for a byline for that particular post.

    In any case, as I mentioned in the comments section of another blog, we have already updated our “About” page so that anyone who visits our site can see who we are without going through the other posts, all of which have bylines. You may rest assured that we are not hiding our identities.

  2. hello JOM salazar. thank you too for checking out this post.

    do you mean to say ALL of you wrote that post? if that’s the case i still highly suggest you put a byline there even if it just reads “by the Interlineal staff” — a common practice in print publications where articles with more than two writers are involved in a single piece. put a cherry on top by hyperlinking it to your “About” page.

    i’ll rest easier when you include a proper byline in your post. a chore of less than two minutes

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